Credit Society Software

CASLON is integrated with the security feature, the software user logins’ are totally password secured and all communication between client and server is encrypted using higher level encryption. An Additional Robust Security can be deployed using our system id Application making the user Login more secure and hence the Data protection. Rapid, personalized response: Our services provide round-the clock, personalized support from a dedicated account manager who will follow all relevant incident indicators. Maximum use of your investment: CASLON Banking Software Support services guarantee that you maximize the value from our products. You get the help you need, for incidents of any size, to help your solutions produce the results you expect. Simple and efficient contact: If an incident occurs, you simply contact the CASLON Banking Software Support Team and give our team the details we need to evaluate the severity of your problem. We will work with you to prioritize the incident and find the most appropriate person to resolve the issue. We have an efficient escalation matrix for solving, prioritising and hence providing you solution. Most Importantly CASLON is a Pocket Friendly highly featured solution for Credit Society. We provide services at very reasonable rate with efficient and quality work, and we believe that customer satisfaction is the key to our success.

” CASLON (Credit society software) is a complete online solution for Credit Cooperative Societies and Banks which facilitates with an immense numbers of option to make banking easy and simplified. It can make the process of CASLON is a complete online solution for Credit Cooperative Societies and Banks which facilitates with an immense numbers of option to make banking easy and simplified. It can make the process of Creating Member, opening of an Account, Account renewals, maturity calculation and Advisor Business and commission calculation highly fleet-footed and reliable. CASLON helps in keeping an eye on various aspects of Society and make the most accurate supervision and calculation of them. CASLON is now android enabled with deposit and withdrawal module.


Member Share Management

1.Member Share Management

  • Member Register.
  • Share Register.
  • Share individual.
  • Checking Of Guarantor .
  • Entry fees, Building & Welfare fund.
  • Member List .
  • Extra Share Pur. & Share Return.
  • Computerized Share Certificate .
  • Member Resignation .
  • Member’s Address Labels.
  • Types of Reports etc .
  • Fast Member’s Detail searching.

2. Dividend Declaration

  • Automatic Yearly Dividend Calculation.
  • Dividend Register.
  • Dividend Transfer to loan, Comp. Saving.
  • Reports etc.
  • Computerized Voucher.
Dividend Declaration

3. Accounting

  • Deposit/withdraw.
  • Interest Calculation.
  • Individual & General Ledger.
  • Reports etc.

4. Loan

  • All Type of Loan.
  • Loan Ledger.
  • Automatic Interest Calculation.
  • Voucher Printing.
  • Audit Report.
  • Guarantor Checking.
  • Daily Installment Receiving.
  • Voucher etc.
  • Penalty Interest, Notice Charge etc.

5. Fixet Deposit

  • F.D./ MIS.
  • Auto Re-invest Scheme.
  • Interest calculation/Int. Provision/ Int. Paid On Single Click.
  • Pension Scheme.
  • F.D. Renewal , Close etc.
  • F.D. Register..
  • F.D./MIS Certificate (Computerized).
  • Reports etc.

6. General Accounting

  • Day book .
  • Trial Balance .
  • Balance sheet.
  • Bank Deposit Statement.
  • Journal Entry .
  • Profit & Loss A/c.
  • General Ledger.
  • Deposit & withdrawal in saving.
  • Daily /Monthly Deposit .
  • SB / CD/ RD /FD Accounts.
  • Withdrawal Reports .
  • Interest calculation .
  • Saving Ledger .
  • F.D. Certificate (Computerized) with Bar Code.
  • Detail Reports.
General Accounting.

8. Reports

  • Account Detail .
  • Account Maturity Report .
  • Account Panding .
  • EMI/ Interest Calculation.
  • Balance Sheet .
  • Profit & Loss Statement.
  • Day Book .
  • Branchwise Cash Management .
  • Agent Business Calculator .
  • Various Reports regarding to Agent .

9. Auto Bulk SMS & E Mailing

  • Welcome Msg with Member No.
  • Account No. With Scheme .
  • Account Panding .
  • Deposit / Withdrew Massage.
  • Balance .
  • New Schemes and Activities .
Auto Bulk SMS & E Mailing