Inventory Management


A Comprehensive Accounting cum Inventory Software for Retail Shop. This software can generate Barcode through Purchase and Without Purchase. User can create Sale Invoice through Barcode without pressing a single key on keyboard or click on mouse. If user doesn’t require Barcode then also he can work on this Software.

This Software is used to create VAT Returns like VAT 7, VAT 8, and VAT 9 and also can manage VAT Forms. TDS Returns can be generated through this Software.

The main features of Educational Institution Management Software are as under:

A . Item Creation-

  1. Item Group, Item creation facility
  2. Sales, Purchase, VAT tax and Stock Accounts.
  3. Sales/Purchase/VAT Account calculated.
  4. Automatically Tax Calculation.
  5. Complete Information of Item Defined.

B. Purchase Entry-

  1. Actual Purchase Bill will be entered with items.
  2. Inventory and Ledger Posting will be entered automatically
  3. Stock of entered items in Bill will be increased
  4. VAT 7 will be maintained.

C. Sales Through Barcode and Without Barcode-

  1. Sale Invoice will be generated
  2. Sales Bill through Barcode and Without Barcode
  3. Inventory and Ledger Posting will be entered automatically different types of report for Stock.
  4. Stock of entered items in Bill will be decreased after entry.
  5. VAT 8 will be maintained.

C. Purchase Returns and Sales Returns-

  1. All types of entry facility like Journal, Receipt, Payment, Contra etc
  2. Trial Balance in three different formats
  3. Income Expenditure/P/L a/c in three formats
  4. Balance Sheet in different formats
  5. Bank Reconciliation statement
  6. Complete Ledger printing

E. Voucher Entries-

  1. Receipt
  2. Payment
  3. Journal
  4. Credit Note
  5. Debit Note
  6. Contra

F. Bank Reconciliation & Interest Calculation –

  1. Reconcile Bank Account with Bank Statement.

G. Ledger Display-

  1. Single Ledger or a Group or all Ledgers can display.
  2. Ledger displayed or print with or without Narration.
  3. With or without Voucher Type.
  4. With Credit Days.

H. Outstanding-

  1. Age wise Outstanding.
  2. Summarized Outstanding.
  3. Bill wise Outstanding.

I. Trial Balance, Trading, Profit and Loss account and Balance Sheet-

  1. Three format of Trial Balance

J. Daily Bill wise Sale Report-

  1. Two formats available
  2. In first format detailed each Bills Report available
  3. Bifurcated between Cash Credit and Credit Card
  4. Summarized tax wise Sale displayed.

K. Stock Position Inventory Report

  1. Stock Position with valuation report available.
  2. Summarized In Out

L. Stock Ledger

  1. Transaction of an item.