Property Management

Software Pages & Features:-

PMS is Comprehensive Property Management Software. Through this software user can maintain Complete Scheme Details, Member information, Member transaction, Agent Reports, Scheme wise income Expenses to get profit and loss Balance Sheet.

The main features of PRS Software are as under:

  1. Multi Scheme’s Enabled-
    1. Maintain Multiple Schemes in single software.
    2. The transaction will be maintained individually for each Scheme.
    3. Reports can be merged for selected Scheme.
    4. Agent login and approval master for payment and lot allocation.
  2. Member Information-
    1. Name, Fathers Name, Date of Birth, Photos, Dept. Designation, Basic, Relationship, Nominee etc. will be maintained.
    2. Scheme Selection, plot selection, payment mode.
    3. Once plot sold it can’t be allotted to others.
  3. Transaction
    1. User define payment mode placed on member transaction.
    2. Receive, payment, Penalty charges automatic.
    3. Basic Rate can be change while creating Plot/Scheme.
    4. Payment Schedule creation.
    5. SMS enable
    6. Admin can pay commission to agents
    7. Income and Expenses are separately maintain by software
    8. Agent Commission and collection charges calculation
  1. Reports
    1. All kind of reporting regarding to member, scheme, transaction, bank accountancy with record keeping facilities.