Publication Management

Software Pages & Features:-

  1. Stock Management: – This Page Contain all information regarding to publication like Book name, Book Edition no. year of publication, No. of Copies, and other book related details.
  2. Book Management: – Account related information like Printing Charges, Paper Cost, Carriers Charges, etc
  3. Member Management: – This page Contain all information regarding to Member like Member ID, Joining date, Address, Mobile No. Member Type, Payment Mode, & Page Accountancy which you can recognized about member account information.
  4. Accounting Module:-
    1. Receipt
    2. Payment
    3. Income-Expenses Statement
  5. Dispatch Register
  6. Member Renewal
  7. Bulk SMS Facilities
  8. Book Management
  9. Customized Reporting
  10. Multi User Supports
  11. Agent Login and View.
  12. All Printing Reports