Salary Management

PAYROLL is Comprehensive Payroll Software. Through this software user can maintain Complete Employee Details, Salary Details. This software can be linked with Biometric/Card Swapping Machine for daily attendance. With help of this software user can create returns of govt. depts. like EPF Dept, ESI Dept, Bonus act, Labor Dept etc.

The main features of PAYROLL Software are as under:-

  1. Multi Firm Enabled-
    1. Maintain Payroll of Multiple firms in single software.
    2. The Data will be maintained individually for each firm.
    3. Reports can be merged for selected firms.
  2. Employee Information-
    1. Name, Fathers Name, Date of Birth, Photos, Dept. Designation, Basic, Relationship, Nominee etc. will be maintained.
    2. Dept, Designation and Basic can be maintained Date wise.
    3. Multiple user defined Allowances and Deductions entered and processed.
    4. PF and ESI can be applied employees wise.
  3. Payroll Generation-
    1. Monthly Payroll can be created through attendance or directly.
    2. Create payroll in multiple ways like automatically or manually. Automatically means Employee name will come one by one in different sorting orders, manually means selecting employee one by one.
    3. It can be Created Dept wise also.
    4. Basic Rate can be change while creating Payroll
    5. Allowances and Deductions can be edited while creating Payroll.
    6. PF and ESI due paid will be automatically maintained.
    7. User can change Paid part of due paid.
    8. Enter Challan Dates of PF/ESI and Payment date.
    9. Lock Payroll transaction month wise with administrative rights
    10. Perm Part declare by administration and create one time
    11. Bio-Matric Device enable.
    12. Record Keeping.
    13. Account Closed Facility.
  4. Reports- All the departments one time, monthly, Half Yearly, Yearly Reports available in prescribed formats.
    1. PF returns monthly
      1. Form 12
      2. Form 12 A
      3. PF Challan
      4. Form 5 (New Joining)
      5. Form 10 (Left Employees)
      6. Monthly Return Letter
      7. Group Insurance Letter
      8. Form 2 (New Join)
      9. Group Insurance Employee List
      10. Form 9 (revised)
      11. PF Deduction detailed Report (for inspection purpose)
      12. Return Register
      13. PF Detail
      14. App. For Monthly Pension
    2. PF returns monthly
      1. Form 23 (Annual Return)
      2. Form 19
      3. Employee Pension Scheme Form
      4. 3 A PF Selected, 3 A PF, 6 A PF
      5. PF Yearly Statement Departments wise
      6. PF Yearly Letter
      7. PF Due Paid Statement
      8. Break Certificate
      9. Floppy Report
    3. Department PF Return-
      1. Form 12, Form 5, Form 10
      2. PF Challan, PF Monthly Return Letter
      3. Group Insurance Letter
      4. PF Deduction Detail, PF ESI Detail, Form 9 Revised
    4. Monthly ESI Report
    5. Yearly ESI Report
    6. Half-Yearly ESI Report
    7. Department ESI Report
    8. Monthly MIS Report
    9. Department MIS Report
    10. Yearly Employee/Salary Report
    11. Monthly Employee/Salary Reports
    12. Department Employee/Salary Report
    13. Monthly Leave Report
    14. Yearly Leave Report
    15. Monthly Factory Report
    16. Yearly Factory Reports
    17. Half-Yearly Factory Report
    18. Department Factory Report

Payroll Software considers all taxation rules according to our country with customization of taxation and salary rules.

  • Supports multiple salary heads & variables like CTC, Basic, HRA, Incentives, Medical Allowance, Transportation Allowance, Travel Allowance and so on. Calculations can be done according to standardized processes or your processes.
  • Empower Payroll Software fully integrates with Leave and Attendance.
  • Manages Overtime Pay to employees using monthly variable sheet.
  • Captures employee investment declaration for tax benefits investments and deducts tax according to government laws.
  • Our payroll software creates comprehensive legal and management reports. You can instantly print the legal forms and submit to government / authorities.
  • Allows emailing salary slips to employees in PDF format.
  • Allows employees to view past salary slips and salary details.
  • Supports multiple banks accounts for employee salary transfer. Prints / Emails transfer advice for each bank.
  • Allows multiple payment methods cash, check or bank transfer.
  • Configurable pay-slips.
  • Variance reporting to view the differences in salaries between two months.
  • Complete audit-trail for any changes made.
  • Multi-step approval process is possible.
  • Displays Tax Advice to employees and allows employee to structure salaries.
  • Last of all – completely integrated with Full & Final Settlement.
  • Supports multiple salary structures for different salary grades. Allows flexibility to vary the salary head amounts for employees in same grade.
  • Maintains promotions and salary increment history of employees.
  • PF & Company Loan: application, disbursement, deductions, pre-payment etc.
  • Upload facility to NSDL for TDS and other statutory deduction.
  • SMS and Bio-Metrics device enable.